Miracle - Fabric Only (Crossbody Bag)

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  • Floral fabric insert for Keep Changing crossbody bag.
  • This product includes only the fabric insert section (can be used only if you already have the pvc section, if you don't - Check out our complete crossbody bags at first).
  • Dimentions:  W: 25 cm (9.8 inch) H: 23 cm (9 inch) D: 10.5 cm (4 inch).
  • Materials:  Fabrics. The fabric section consists of one large cell with inner zipper to a small cell. 
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  • Shipping & Returns

now - start changing!

Got your first KeepChanging crossbody bag? - Time to choose extra fabric inserts! - You can easily change the fabric insert section of your bag (with four small snap fasteners), so it will keep up with your ever-changing look.

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